Hej Stylus! V3.4.0

New in this Version:
Precise Angles Panel - draw with up to 6 ruled angles simultaneously.


Precise Angles Panel


The Panel

Activate the precise angles panel by clicking the icon on top of the panel.

Next comes the visual indication of all the set angles. The little icons below represent commonly used angle setups to draw in: 90°,45°, 60°, 30°, 15° and 75°.

These shorthands are built in - you can use the presets panel to store your own presets.

The next part of the panel is for entering the angles manually (you can be very specific here). Set a checkmark and enter a value to activate the angle.

Magnetiser Slider

Pull the slider to the far right to only draw with the set angles. The less influence of the magnet the more you can ‘drift’ off the set angles.


‘Freehand‘ drawing in Photoshop with Precise Angles activated.

‘Freehand‘ drawing in Photoshop with Precise Angles activated.


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