Hej Stylus! v2.0 has a lot of new features making it a very flexible wingman for illustrators, graphic artists, designers, retouching artists, game developers, graphic recording artists, presenters, motion designers – you name it.


Pressure Mapping

The new pressure mapping function takes the pressure output of your stylus and maps it along the either a linear function or bezier function. Emulate hart/soft media behavior – even invert pressure. Or just go wild with the bezier function and make your lines look like gooey ink. All this is possible. Now.


New Position Smoothing Method

The new position algorithm compares your cursor position to its prior one. Drag the slider a bit to remove small noise – drag it all to the right to draw straight lines. This smoothing method is very suitable for painters hence it can be very subtile and fast at the same time. It also catches up to your 'line-ending' position.


Pressure Smoothing / Buffer

Pressure Smoothing works like the new Position Smoothing Method and is suitable for casual sketching/drawing and painting.

The Pressure Buffer works like a stack of values: beginning with 0 it starts collecting data and creates an average on a given buffer size. It is very useful for building up the line smoothly and keeping it steady – while crosshatching for example. The cooling-off-time can be pretty long – depending on your buffer size.


Tilt and Rotation Smoothing

Tilt and Rotation Smoothing works also like the new Position Smoothing Method.
Painting with large, rake-like brushes is now more powerful than ever before.



Wonder what that .hej file is? Yea, exchangeable presets. Hej Stylus! has become quite powerful now. To not distract you from your work by pushing and pulling sliders all the time you can now store favorite settings via the menu-bar menu and give 'em names. Later on you can manage (rename/reorder/delete) your presets and save them to file. Or load some of your friends' presets. For comfy swapping we've added shortcuts to cycle through them – with a little onscreen badge  you always know what preset is 'on'.