• Trial Mode: If you fancy Hej Stylus! try the 24 hour DEMO!
  • 2 Stroke smoothing methods
  • Pressure buffer and smoothing
  • Pressure mapping – linear and bezier
  • Tilt smoothing
  • Rotation smoothing
  • Exchangeable/shareable presets (.hej file)
  • Preset managing
  • Shortcuts
  • Configureable indicator (color/alpha)
  • Works with all other mac applications



OS X 10.10 / Yosemite
OS X 10.11 / El capitan
macOS 10.12 / Sierra
macOS 10.13 / High Sierra

Online access for activation.



  • download and open Hej Stylus!.dmg
  • drag it onto the applications folder on your hard drive
  • Please add Hej Stylus! to the list of apps that control your computer. This helps preventing the 'Sticky Key Bug'.
    System Preferences > Security > Privacy Settings
  • start Hej Stylus!
  • provide online access and enter obtained LICENSE™ Key (xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx)

Please note: Hej Stylus! V1.0.3 and V2.0 share the same license file but use different License keys. I advise you to use the legacy version (V1.0.4) instead – if you want to run the 'former' version. The legacy version will be provided alongside the V2.0.

Tip: If you use Hej Stylus! on a daily basis consider making it a startup item. You can use the 'Launch on Mac Startup' option in Preferences.





30 seconds installation guide. Yay!



Due to licensing schnizzle we're obliged to ask for your license on startup. Use the following tutorial to skip the nagging.



Hej Stylus! v2.0 gives you a lot of different possibilities to configure your pen. Use exchangeable presets to quickly toggle them by following these steps.



To make Hej Stylus! as effective as possible you can set up and use your own shortcuts for setting smoothing amounts or skipping between presets. There is also an option that prevents Hej Stylus! interfering with your favorite applications shortcuts by only activating them when Hej Stylus! is active.



A complete preferences walkthrough. Won't hurt a bit.



How to flick the smoothing switch.



Hej Stylus!' basic aka. free feature explained.



Understanding what smoothing does. 



And the result of drawing with a 1000px rake brush in Ps and Hej Stylus! 



Understanding Pressure Smoothing and Buffer. Also learn when to use it.



Fasten seatbelt, Brain. Pressure Mapping explained.





SCRN_0 228.png
Bending Line or Stick Mode

Bending Line or Stick Mode


Launch on Startup
For the lazy folks. :D

Deacivate on Eraser
…is pretty useful sometimes.

Basic (free) Mode
You're only seeing this when you entered no license at all.
To skip the annoying 'Enter License™' dialog check the box.
When you want to enter a license just uncheck it and Hej Stylus! will
ask for a license on the next start.

Indicator Color
Make your custom cursor color.

Indicator Alpha
Yes, alpha.

Bending Line
If you're distracted by the bendy line
make it a stick!

SCRN_0 229.png


Define Shortcuts
Press the 'Record Shortcut' button and make some fancy Shortcuts.

Pro Tip: Put toggle Hej Stylus! on/off on your stylus' button.

Both (!) position sliders are hooked to this shortcut.
It makes sense. Believe me.

Deactivate Checkbox
This is pretty neat: All shortcuts below the line are non-existent when Hej Stylus! is inactive.

Flick through your personal favs with the press of a button. An indication displays which preset is in charge. Nice!

SCRN_0 230.png

Manage Presets

Managing Presets
Drag the list items to reorder,
click and press enter to rename,
hit the x button to delete.


Preferences File
This is a Hej Stylus! preferences file (.hej).
Save your favorites and send them to a friend. ❤︎




How to access Hej Stylus!


Menu and Activation

For all v.1.0.3 - Users: Activation via the icon is gone. We had to kick some of the old concepts. I know – it was cool.

For all new users: Click on the Icon to open the menu and flick the first switch to activate, then choose your functions and start drawing.



Pressure Mapping enables you to use your own pressure preferences.

Mappings shown: Regular 0/0 100/100, Chopped 40/20 60/85, Inverted 0/100 100/0, Bezier_A 25/25 75/75, Bezier_B 0/25 0/75

Mappings shown: Regular 0/0 100/100, Chopped 40/20 60/85, Inverted 0/100 100/0, Bezier_A 25/25 75/75, Bezier_B 0/25 0/75


Soft vs. Hard Pressure Transfer

The diagonal line in the middle resembles the pressure that is applied by your brush. It goes from 0/0 to 100/100. As you draw the pressure will start bottom left (0%), then moving along the diagonal line to the top right (100%) and then back to the bottom left (0% pressure).

Generally speaking: When you shift the values below the diagonal line your brush tends to feel harder – the pressure transfer function calculates and passes on less pressure than you actually apply (diagonal line). When you shift the values above the diagonal line the feel is more like working with a soft brush/pen.

I advise you to play around with it – you'll soon get the feeling what's the use of this.


Linear Mode

When using linear transfer mode you're able to move the endpoints of the function freely around to get more possibilities.

Placing the ends in 'free' space gives you an extention of your function based on the first and last value.

Example: Chopped 40/20 60/85

  • From 0% - 40% pressure applied the function calculates 20%.
  • From 40% - 60% pressure applied output value rises to 85%.
  • From 60% - 100% pressure applied the output stays 85%

Bezier Mode

The Bezier Curve works a bit differently.

It has a start- ( I ) and an endpoint ( II ). The pressure calculation is always preformed from ( I ) which stands for 0% applied pressure to
( II ) stands for 100% applied pressure.

Note: Therefor placement along the X / horizontal axis has no effect.
But you can use the X space to get a better view on the pressure distribution.

The dots aligned to the curve resemble the samples which are taken to calculate the output. Depending on the placement of the handles the spacing between the dots may vary. Big gaps indicate rapid pressure changes – small gaps slow ones.

You can make lines that look like gooey ink, for example. Bezier mode is quite powerful.

Pro tip: The handles can be aligned and be moved as one. Grab and drag a handles bar to unstick them.




If you're experiencing that pressure functions are not working properly upgrade to Wacom driver 6.3.21-8 (Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, & 10.12) or downgrade to Wacom driver 6.3.18-4 – this should get you going. The latest driver also solves the wobbly-line issue which caused macOS 10.12.… to act weird.

Not affected Software is for instance Sketchbook & Painter. Affected are mainly Adobe programs. Our output is correct – changes in the Wacom drivers causes certain tools to reject pulling the correct output. So please up- or downgrade if you're stuck in-between!


If your cursor seems to be glitching when using Illustrator or Animate try Wacom driver 6.3.20-11. This should solve your issue.
Unfortunately the pressure-related issues arise when using this diver. We're in contact with Wacom – to make both functions work side by side.

The bug is strange keyboard output on first sight. Download the tiny helper application KeyCastr (an open-source keystroke visualizer) to see which key is stuck – while mouse button is hold (or pen is pressed on the tablet) mash a few times on the suck button to unstick it. For now we've implemented a keyboard reset after a 'Key Up' event – this means every time a non-modifier-key (except TAB) is lifted (Key Up) modifier Keys are reset to initial state. So if a mod key is stuck Hej Stylus! resets it when releasing which will at least create 1 false keyboard output. For now this is the best that we can do. We strongly hope for Apple and Wacom to solve this issue. 



1.0.0 – Initial build


License implementation


  1. Support for OS X 10.8.5+
  2. Trial mode
  3. Indicator will be drawn on any screen in dual screen mode
  4. New setup of the radii selector (changed from 20, 100, 250, 500 to 10, 50, 100 ,500)
  5. Smoothing deactivation whilst dragging the slider - for comfy sliding


  1. Icon fixed for low screen resolutions
  2. right click feature implemented for menu bar icon in 10.8.5 and 10.9 (additionally to CTRL+click)
  3. Shortcuts to toggle on/off, increase and decrease radius
  4. showing indicator on scaling with shortcut
  5. fixed Gumroad 'already purchased' - bug
  6. fixed licensing full version bug
  7. fixed Ninja-mode-bug on black menubar
  8. fixed off-set indicator when hooking to a monitor whilst Hej Stylus! is running
  9. fixed right-click issue on 10.10 and 10.11 – occurred after fixing Ninja-mode-bug – Dang Ninjas!

There is a known bug when initializing Hej Stylus! fails – an off-set indicator. Please restart Hej Stylus! . Done. This issue is resolved in Hej Stylus! v2.0.

There is a known bug using Hej Stylus! in combination with Illustrator, Cinema 4D's sketch-tool and CSP(rare case). Please roll back to Wacom driver 6.3.18 or lower to solve this issue. This issue is resolved in Hej Stylus! v2.0.


This Version is basically the 1.0.3 version with the latest fixes for Wacom users (aka Illustrator-bug) that are running a system below OS X 10.10. Hej Stylus! version 1.0.4 will only be delivered as optional download for Hej Stylus! 2.0 customers.

2.0 – Initial build

2.0.1 – Sticky Key Fix Version

  1. Fixed Sticky-Modifier-Key-Bug (Please add Hej Stylus! to the list of apps that control your computer to make it happen. System Preferences > Security > Privacy Settings)

Known Issues (we're fixing that!)

PRESSURE ISSUES – see Troubleshooting

2.0.2 – Various fixes

  1. Fixed demo duration
  2. Pressure Mapping points did align – now gone!
  3. License field fixed
  4. Fixed font issues – aka Ninja-Menu-Items-Bug
  5. Fixed Dark-Menubar-Icon-Bug
  6. Fixed mission control & windows content display issue
  7. Implemented Privacy Settings request – to be able to reset Sticky-Modifier-Key-Bug

Known Issues (we're fixing that!) 

PRESSURE ISSUES – see Troubleshooting

STICKY-MODIFIER-KEYS-BUG – see Troubleshooting