• Trial Mode / 2 WEEKS

  • Ruler Tool

  • 3 Stroke smoothing methods: Position Pull, Fluid Position and Physics

  • Pressure buffer and smoothing

  • Pressure mapping – linear, bezier and draw, undockable

  • Tilt smoothing

  • Rotation smoothing

  • Exchangeable/shareable presets (.hs3 file)

  • Presets managing, undockable

  • Configureable indicator (color/alpha)

  • New on-screen UI – with Auto-Collapse feature

  • Always free basic smoothing




OS X 10.11 / El capitan
macOS 10.12 / Sierra
macOS 10.13 / High Sierra

Online access for activation.

WACOM Products
iPad w/Astropad.app

Known Issues:

  • WACOM (see troubleshooting)

  • HUION (we're in contact with dev. team to get a propper driver going!)

  • XP-PEN Tablets (reached out – no success - file a bug)

  • Yiynova Tablets (reached out – no success - file a bug)

  • GAOMON Tablet (reached out – file a bug)



  • download and open Hej Stylus!.dmg

  • drag Hej Stylus! V3 onto the applications folder on your hard drive

  • start Hej Stylus! V3

  • provide online access and enter obtained LICENSE™ Key in the preferences


Please note: Hej Stylus! V2 and V3 don't share the same license & preferences file. So you'll be able to still run V2 alongside V3.

Tip: If you use Hej Stylus! on a daily basis consider making it a startup item. You can use the 'Launch on Mac Startup' option in Preferences.



Click to enlarge



  FREE VERSION  & PREFERENCES / REGISTER PANEL  This is how the application is looking on the first run – enter your license and all icons will be clickable!


This is how the application is looking on the first run – enter your license and all icons will be clickable!




 Bending Line Indicator VS. Linear Indicator

Bending Line Indicator VS. Linear Indicator


Launch on Startup
For the lazy folks. :D

Deacivate on Eraser
…is pretty useful sometimes.

Indicator Color
Make your custom cursor color.

Indicator Alpha
Yes, alpha.

Bending Line
If you're distracted by the bendy line
make it a stick! It only influences the Position Pull indication!

Auto Focus on Menu Hover
Hej Stylus! catches your cursor when moving into it's perimeter – it saves a click but can be distracting. If so: deactivate!


 The Ruler in Freehand, Locked Point and Locked Angle Mode

The Ruler in Freehand, Locked Point and Locked Angle Mode

Ruler options

The Ruler has a configureable freehand detection radius.
Set it in the preferences.

Values between 1 and 250 (Pixels) can be entered.
(Change Value, press Enter)


How it works:

Instant drag – determines your moving vector and locks the cursor movement.
(The locking distance in px can be adjusted in the preferences.)

One click–locks one point of the ruler.
One tlocked and drag – draws a line towards/away from the locked point.

Second click–locks the second ruler point.
Two points locked - drag anywhere to make a line in the specified angle.

Points can now be dragged around for changing the ruler angle. Clicking on one of the points releases it, double-clicking releases both.

Pro Tip: Check ‘Deactivate on Stylus Eraser’ in the preferences – makes navigation with the backside of your pen and activated ruler easier.



Preferences File
This is a Hej Stylus! preferences file (.hsv3).
Save your favorites and send them to a friend. ❤︎




In some cases Hej Stylus! preferences seem to interfere with the new versions preferences.
Open Terminal app and enter: defaults delete com.eilertjanssen.HejStylus3
This will delete Hej Stylus!' preferences and make the new Version run properly.


If your cursor seems to be glitching when using Illustrator or Animate try Wacom driver 6.3.20-11. This should solve your issue.
Unfortunately pressure-related issues arise when using this diver. We're in contact with Wacom – to make both functions work side by side.

Another possibility to overcome this issue is running Hej Stylus! in Root-User mode. Check it out here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204012

PHOTOSHOP - CS6 with High Sierra ISSUES

Photoshop CS6 Window is popping under second frontmost application.
This is actually a PS-bug and it is filed here. PSCS6-BUG

Answer to my request: "Photoshop CS6 is no longer being developed and is not officially supported on macOS High Sierra. That said, what you are showing is standard behavior for macOS."



1.0.0 – Initial build


License implementation


  1. Support for OS X 10.8.5+

  2. Trial mode

  3. Indicator will be drawn on any screen in dual screen mode

  4. New setup of the radii selector (changed from 20, 100, 250, 500 to 10, 50, 100 ,500)

  5. Smoothing deactivation whilst dragging the slider - for comfy sliding


  1. Icon fixed for low screen resolutions

  2. right click feature implemented for menu bar icon in 10.8.5 and 10.9 (additionally to CTRL+click)

  3. Shortcuts to toggle on/off, increase and decrease radius

  4. showing indicator on scaling with shortcut

  5. fixed Gumroad 'already purchased' - bug

  6. fixed licensing full version bug

  7. fixed Ninja-mode-bug on black menubar

  8. fixed off-set indicator when hooking to a monitor whilst Hej Stylus! is running

  9. fixed right-click issue on 10.10 and 10.11 – occurred after fixing Ninja-mode-bug – Dang Ninjas!

There is a known bug when initializing Hej Stylus! fails – an off-set indicator. Please restart Hej Stylus! . Done. This issue is resolved in Hej Stylus! v2.0.

There is a known bug using Hej Stylus! in combination with Illustrator, Cinema 4D's sketch-tool and CSP(rare case). Please roll back to Wacom driver 6.3.18 or lower to solve this issue. This issue is resolved in Hej Stylus! v2.0.


This Version is basically the 1.0.3 version with the latest fixes for Wacom users (aka Illustrator-bug) that are running a system below OS X 10.10. Hej Stylus! version 1.0.4 will only be delivered as optional download for Hej Stylus! 2.0 customers.

2.0 – Initial build

2.0.1 – Sticky Key Fix Version

  1. Fixed Sticky-Modifier-Key-Bug (Please add Hej Stylus! to the list of apps that control your computer to make it happen. System Preferences > Security > Privacy Settings)

2.0.2 – Various fixes

  1. Fixed demo duration

  2. Pressure Mapping points did align – now gone!

  3. License field fixed

  4. Fixed font issues – aka Ninja-Menu-Items-Bug

  5. Fixed Dark-Menubar-Icon-Bug

  6. Fixed mission control & windows content display issue

  7. Implemented Privacy Settings request – to be able to reset Sticky-Modifier-Key-Bug

3.0.0 – Initial build


  1. Completely recoded - faster & leightweight coding

  2. Completely redesigned – new on-screen UI & Icon driven approach

  3. Auto-hiding slider panel (sensing if placed on bottom ot top of the screen)

  4. 3D-Slider

  5. On-screen help

  6. Improvements on all algos we're using – you'll feel it!

  7. Easy-access Presets with ad-hoc editing capability (Panel adapting size according to presetname length)


  1. Physics Smoothing consisting of 2 Sliders (Physics & Space Constant) with follow-up function
    – Yes, this smoothing uses actual physics!

  2. Draw Pressure Mapping Panel – another way of maipulating the pressure generated by your stylus

3.0.1 – Various fixes

  1. Preset-making turned off Fluid Tilt in some cases – fixed!

  2. Deactivate stylus on eraser had to be initialised after restarting Hej Stylus! – now fixed!

  3. Hej Stylus! menu could slip off-screen when running with single / multi screen setups – fixed that.

  4. Various instances could be opened – fixed.

  5. Info overlay froze – de-iced that one!

  6. Added option to alter auto-catching the cursor when entering Hej Stylus!' perimeter.

3.1.0 – The Ruler Edition

  1. New feature: The Ruler with preset-able position

  2. Undockable Presets and Pressure Maps

  3. Auto collapse Hej Stylus! UI

  4. Lots of under the hood improvements

3.1.1 – Various Fixes

  1. The preset window was not showing up after making a new preset – fixed.

  2. Fixed License String Length issue.

  3. Fixed a Physics bug that could stop Ps.

3.1.2 – More Fixes

  1. Choosing a different colorspace than RGB when setting the indicator's color could result in crashing Hej Stylus!.

  2. UI fixes: The undockable Pressure Mapping Panel wasn't displaying content correctly.

  3. Linear Pressure Mapping clamped values wasn't acting as expected.

  4. UI improvements.

In some cases Hej Stylus! preferences seem to interfere with the new versions preferences.
(Fix: see troubleshooting!)

Here is another one: Using a Cintiq and Hej Stylus! with 2-point-locked Ruler could lead to off-set cursor.
Quick fix: Make the Cintiq your primary monitor by dragging the menubar in monitor-system-prefs to your Cintiq.
We're working on a permanent fix.

Whilst we're at it: Running Hej Stylus! and moving the menubar in monitor-system-prefs could lead to Hej Stylus! being set off screen. So just quit it before you rearrange your monitor layout. We're also working on a permanent fix.

3.2.0 - The Shortcuts Edition (unreleased)

  1. Added configureable shortcuts for: Toggling on/off, Preset previous/next, Activate/Deactivate Ruler (tool), Hide/Unhide Toolbar

  2. UI Fix: Undocking Presets Window now catches up with popup size.

  3. Reactivating Position Smoothing Algos after using Ruler Tool.

  4. Fixed a Ruler-offset issue with dual screen setup and working on secondary screen.

  5. Now auto-catch-cursor function when hovering over detached Preset or Pressure Mapping window.

  6. Hiding detached Preset and Pressure Mapping windows when Hej Stylus!' Toolbar is hidden.

  7. Fixed an issue regarding the placement of Hej Stylus!' Toolbar when changing primary/secondary screen setups in mac preferences.

  8. In-app purchase and activation on-line!

  9. All shields up: Shortcuts for activation, hiding, preferences, presets cycling, ruler up and running!

  10. Basic HUION - support. (So far position algorithms do work.)