Hej Stylus! V3.4

Hej Stylus! V3 is the first global pen stabilizer application for macOS. It’s capable of smoothing out position, pressure, tilt and rotational values. It also maps pressure and stabilizes line drawing with the ruler tool.

NEW: The mighty precise angles panel.


Precise angles help orientate your cursor alongside given angles.

Suitable for any isometric drawing job - tiles - drawing frames and panels - as crosshatching guide … to name a few.

The magnetiser slider defines the amount of guidance - if you need
variation in hatching / ruled lines.


Features Overview

Here’s the full V3.4 guided tour! Enjoy!
Made with ❤︎ in Berlin.



  • Precise Angles Panel

  • Shortcuts for Activation, Hiding, Preferences, Presets Cycling, Ruler Tool, Circular Ruler, Precise Angles

  • Ruler Tool

  • 3 Stroke smoothing methods: Position Pull, Fluid Position and Physics

  • Pressure buffer and smoothing

  • Pressure mapping – linear, bezier and draw, undockable

  • Tilt smoothing

  • Rotation smoothing

  • Exchangeable/shareable presets (.hs3 file)

  • Presets managing, undockable

  • Configureable indicator (color/alpha)

  • New on-screen UI – with Auto-Collapse feature

  • Always free basic smoothing

  • 2 Weeks Trial Period


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